Scott Fredericks is an Australian Photographer and Visual Artist. Taught through familial kinship and sustained trial and error. He sometimes regrets not pursuing formalised tertiary education in Art, but realises that lifes trajectory has given him his own unique outlook and experiences and a set of skills that he would not trade for love nor money.

He is dyslexic. He finally managed to read his first full book as an adult at the age of 42, Robyn Boyd; The Australian Ugliness (But don't get him started on that). Now he cannot stop.

His interests include the effects of Social and Political structures, the built environment and the patterns that are created by the cycles of everyday life. He attends Federation University Library most Fridays and is astonished that there is usually no one else there.

“Don't assume my process is wrong simply because your reasoning is common”.

Artist Statement

The humour and poignancy of my surroundings, whether actual or imagined is what informs my creativity.

My sculptural and photographic stories are emotive reproductions from my life. Reflecting both the common place, condition and oddities of the human and natural environment.

I try to avoid being tempted by that which demands attention. Preferring the subtle gestures of quieter things. I have admiration for that which does not shout about authorship but instead respectfully gifts to the world an idea.

Scott Fredericks

Australian Photographer & Visual Artist
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