Study of Humans

Gwenyth & Ronald, 2016

Gwenyth and Ronald had run a small mixed business in Footscray since they were married, 49 years ago.  They have five children, two boys and three girls.            

Last year they decided to retire.  They had always lived a simple and modest life, and loved each others company. They knew they were going to be happy in retirement.  
Gwenyth loved to read and Ronald was a keen amateur painter.  They scraped together what little savings they had and built their own Superannuation Bridge.

SOLD, 2021
Study of Humans

Mr Porter, 2016

Mr Porter left school at age 16 to become a butcher.  He married his childhood sweetheart in 1972 and had 3 children.    
Long hours and relentless hard work in his own small business enabled a comfortable life for his family.  They enjoyed regular international holidays.            

His sausages are a local favourite.            

Mr Porter has now been a Butcher for almost 45 years.  Some mornings he likes to take a few moments for himself.

Time to rest and reflect on life, before he opens the shop doors to the public.            

Next year Mr Porter is going to retire.

SOLD, 2021
Study of Humans

Mt Tutty, 2016

“The bush fire attack level (B.A.L.) assessment”.

Mr Tutty owned a 5 acre bush block on the Eastern edge of the Wombat State Forest.  For 12 years he methodically planned the home he was going to build.

Mr Tutty proposed to build a state of the art eco house.  He was driven that his house would outperform all others eco houses.  This house would set new standards for best practise Green Building, more airtight, use less energy...... on and on, went the list of construction achievements.

The “TUTTY HOUSE” would be admired by professionals, academics, peers, and neighbours.

Mr Tutty engaged a vibrant young city Architect to give his house that special “ZING”, and a local Builder who he felt was capable of executing his vision of perfection.

For Mr Tutty money was no obstacle.  He had planned for everything.....

SOLD, 2016
Study of Humans

Peter's Resolve, 2016

Peter was conflicted.  More than anything he wanted to be a free thinker.  Were his thoughts devoid of influence from lobby groups, online and peer pressures?

He longed for a “clear mind”.  He wanted for more than alignment with notions of religion and politics, and cringed at the thought he might be persuaded by social pre conceptions.

One morning in April while listening to Radio National, Peter heard Fran Kelly interviewing a guest about banking regulations.  Peter became fixated with this conversation.  Fran’s guest was not aligned to either Commonwealth or State, nor was he part of any corporation pushing a financial agenda......

This man held the answer to the liberation of Peters mind.

Before long Peters thoughts reached the levels of pure clarity he had only previously dreamed of.  His conscious was heightened, Peter felt like a visionary.

An “Independent Body” was truly the answer......for now.


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